Welcome April!!

We have already said goodbye to March and it has been fun learning with the unit of colors. In Badal and Marina we have done many activities and we have learned new and fun songs in English Here is a small summary:

We have been able to relate the four binarian colors to things close to us through image cards. We have also learned a new song and we have enjoyed dancing it!
With older children (p2) we have played with the box of colors by putting each ball in its corresponding color.
And we have also become scientists observing a rainbow experiment!! With Stiklles candies on a plate we have added water  and the colors spread to form a beautiful rainbow.  Then each of us with a glass, a candy and a stick we have seen how the water changes color. We loved it!

With the younger (P1) we have experimented and manipulated with different colors. We loved to explore the red color and to paint with tomatoes and strawberry jam to make a nice ornament for the school.

We also have fun stamping flowers, lemons and oranges to know the rest of the colors and it was great to see, smell, touch, taste and paint with all of them!

And of course the foreign party of the month!
We have welcomed the protagonist of the week, the green!!
With the activity of St. Patrick's Day, we paint lucky clovers to decorate the School!

Before saying goodbye to March, we welcomed the new season; Spring!
A month with a lot of color but also with rain, so we have already get ready for this time and we paint colorful and beautiful umbrellas that you can see in school. It has been a colorful month that we hope you have enjoyed!
Little by little our children are learning English and the most important; We are enjoying learning!

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